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Whether you’re just starting out, motivated to grow your wealth, or thinking about protecting your assets or even transitioning your future wealth—we are here to help. Our expertise, customized plans and multiple services for different life stages can help you meet your goals today and the bigger ones of tomorrow.

Investment Strategy

Your goals = our goals.

Is it knowing you’ll have enough savings to put a down payment on your first house? Are your kids planning for university? Or are you hoping to retire on your own terms? No matter where you are in the journey, an investment plan is the first essential step to achieving your goals.

An investor invests for the long term. We believe that when a person invests in a stock, bond, or mutual fund, they should treat that investment as if they were the owner of a business, because that’s exactly what they are. No matter the plan we design together, we protect our clients’ money as much as possible. After all, everything we do is inspired by your growth.

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Lifestyle Protection

The bigger risk is doing nothing.

Ignorance is bliss? Not here! Lifestyle protection is about careful planning—it’s the backbone of any great financial plan that also brings peace of mind.

We help you identify the gaps in your wealth management strategy head-on. At Evolve Olistica, we can prepare a plan for the noninvestment-related risks that can disrupt your life or financial stability. That includes a comprehensive insurance review that examines risk from all angles. No matter what happens on the way to your goals, you’ll be prepared to weather any unexpected bumps in the road.

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Estate Planning

Let us help you understand your options.

Whether you consider yourself young or old, it doesn’t matter. Now is always the answer when it comes to deciding the right time to make these impactful decisions.

Evolve Olistica helps plan the best way for you to give and leave behind. We are able to prepare you with a forward-looking tax plan that aims to keep more money in your pocket during your living years, while also arranging for a seamless transfer of your financial legacy down the road. No matter what stage you’re currently in, we design plans and portfolios to make sure the future is planned exactly the way you want it to be.

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Financial Planning

Planning that propels you.

Doesn’t it feel good to make a decision with absolute confidence? You’ll be able to do that, knowing your plan has been built detail by detail, tailored for only you and your needs and wants.

Creating a complete picture of your finances can be an overwhelming task, and one that’s hard to do alone. Evolve Olistica works with you one-on-one through every decision —figuring out your current financial situation while exploring all your future possibilities. From monthly expenses to dream vacations to the bucket-list of goals, we can help you work through the planned steps to achieve the future you’ve imagined.

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Disability Planning

Helping you, so you can help them.

Disabilities are never a burden, but they can feel like a financial burden when the demands begin to pile up. Whether you have a disability, or care for a dependent with special needs, you know it takes extra time, effort and resources. Our services can help you navigate through insurance, savings and more, to create a customized special needs plan or enhance the one you already have.

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