About Evolve Olistica

About Evolve Olistica

About us? To answer that, this actually has to be about you.

That’s because your success is our success. At Evolve Olistica, we believe in earning, and then re-earning your business, every day. The trust we build, the insights we share, and the actions that we follow through with are what this entire firm is built on.

So it is in yours and our best interest to work hard for you and through all of life’s stages. We’re here to guide our clients, offer advice, and design customized plans that are able to resolve any kind of financial complexity.

Uncomplicated, approachable and built on trust

At Evolve Olistica we believe that everyone—even if they don’t believe it themselves—has a worthwhile financial journey. One worth investing time in, with the real potential to reach goals only dreamt about.

We are proud to partner with industry leaders.

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Meet the man of management.
Derek Ferro,

Derek Ferro has had many years of experience as a wealth management partner, as well as a senior financial advisor and branch manager. Since venturing into finances in 2001, Derek has established himself as a knowledgeable advisor across all of Alberta by assisting hundreds of clients with their financial needs.

After working through his family's financial hardships from the passing of his father due to cancer in 2002, Derek was motivated to help others experiencing the same financial hurdles after devastating losses or unpredictable situations similar to his own. He became passionate about cash flow management, specializing in investment and succession planning. Derek’s personal experiences have helped him see the need for the education of financial strategies—not only to grow investments and assets, but also to protect wealth and income.

That same passion is stronger than ever. With Evolve Olistica, Derek strives to empower clients to build a well-balanced financial game plan: one that allows them to define, reach and even surpass their goals.

* Derek is registered with Portfolio Strategies Corporation.

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